Catalog Symbol: DMM-B
Physical Size: Refer to ÒDimensional DataÓ

Melamine Tube
Nickel Plated Brass End Caps
Voltage Rating: 1000 Volts AC/DC

Interrupting Rating:
DMM-B-44/100– 10,000A, 1000 VAC, unity power factor and
10,000A, 1000 VDC with time constant of 2.2ms.

Minimum interrupt 400% of rated current at rated voltage.
DMM-B-11A – 20,000A, 1000 VAC, power factor ².2;
20,000A, 1000 VDC, time constant ³10ms

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0 فیوز استوانه ای باسمن فست جهت مولتیمتر DMM-B44/100

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